Aundria Hawkins Ford is reminiscent of the message in Russell Cromwell’s Acres of Diamonds.  She is a polished diamond in our midst.  The daughter of a legendary Cleveland area Pastor, she is a wife, mother, role model, and now an author and speaker.  With power, purpose and passion, Aundria brings to her reading and listening audience From The Pastor’s Daughter.  The book is, as Aundria is, revealing, entertaining, impactful, and potentially life-changing.


As one should expect from any true story, From the Pastor’s Daughter contains moments when things are well, and moments when things are not so well.  But through it all Aundria finds the lessons life has to offer, she learns from them, and offers valuable insights about life and the importance of faith.   


Ironically, the book is not just for the faithful, not just for First Families, not just for Deacons and Church Staff.  From the Pastor’s Daughter is crammed full of insightful and thought-provoking content that can cause us all to become more reflective, more considerate of others, and ultimately learn more about our own feelings, strengths and weaknesses.  The book can become a valuable and one-of-a-kind resource in this journey called life.