From the Pastor’s Daughter:
A testimony of life in the ministry through the eyes of the Pastor's child.
by Aundria H. Hawkins Ford

"Everyone knows one, and maybe you even are one. Preacher's kids (PKs) always seem to be the hot topic! It seems that most of the time they get a bad rap and are forced to uphold almost impossible standards because of their positioning in the body of Christ.

Author Aundria Hawkins Ford offers a firsthand look into her life as a PK. She highlights the good times of fellowship and growth along with the bad times of being human and failing, and outlines the pressures of living life in the spotlight.

While celebrating the awesome legacy left by her father, founding pastor of a prominent church in the community, she retells her journey of discovery. This candid approach just might change what comes to mind when you hear PK. Moreover, it may alter your perspective of first families in all walks of life!"

200 pages - $12.99 (paperback)

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